Running with Wolves…

Running with Wolves…



So the NaNoWritMo event is coming up. I have to admit this is the first time I’ve heard of it. I guess I had my head down on my own shit I was writing to think about any sort of writing event outside of my carefully crafted worlds.

Let’s see the line up, shall we?

  1. Angels of Mercy (Volumes 1-3) – This one isn’t a surprise that it’s first because Volume 1 is in the can and on its way for final smoothing edits from a highly qualified editor that I am over the moon happy to be working with.  So yeah, the boys (and girls) of Mercy, California are first on the list but theirs isn’t a supernatural story (despite the mention of Angels in the title – that is a reference to the high school mascot – an Avenging Angel).
  2. Far Wars – Fear the Feigr – This is my fantasy story that has quite the sci-fi slant all over it. I am talking Fae. But not just any Fae of the Celtic sort, no we’re going further back than that – I am talking NORSE fae – their forebears, the Feigr. Only my Feigr are fierce. They are in your face, kick assed dangerous bad asses – and we humans had better just learn to give them a wide birth. This one is a dark tale with a big gay twist (in that for the Feigr, it’s not gay at all… what could I possibly mean by that?).
  3.  The Cove Chronicles – My Lord of the Rings epic tale gone completely NATIVE (as in Americans). This one is bold. It begins in the small town of Hallet’s Cove, Long Island (which later became Astoria) in the early 1800’s but wends its way to the Gold Rush time in San Francisco. But the Chronicles don’t end there. They stretch all the way to our more modern times in  present day Hallet’s Cove – relocated to an inlet bay in Northern California. The Natives are restless and there’s good reason for that. They’re only defending the world against total annihilation as we know it. Yeah, it’s another epic. I tend to think Cecil B. DeMille epic.
  4. HO’M,O – Yeah, you read that one right… I have a book called HO’M,O. They really are initials that just happen to spell that the book is one big euphoric gay werewolf romp fest. Okay it doesn’t imply wolves at all, but I am telling you that’s what it’s about.


This last entry is the one I want to discuss today. You see, I am starting this bad boy off with the NaNoWritMo event that challenges authors to write a novel in 30 days with a minimum of 50K words. Now for a guy like me who can hammer out close to 10K a sitting (I am NOT bullshitting in the slightest – just look at my blog entries – words and the speed in which they flow are NEVER a problem for me), 50K is gonna be a breeze. I am more worried that I’ll get into it by November 15 and go well shit, I am only half way through the story and I’ve just broken 150K words! What the fuck am I gonna do now, Blanche?

That’s the real worry I have with the NaNoWritMo event. I think I’ll get too far ahead of myself.

HO’M,O is a tale about a young man in his senior year in high school. He lives a quaint and generally quiet life in the fictitious town of Sparrow’s Hollow (Holler) in the southern part of West Virginia (I chose it because my hubby is from WVA and can give me the 411 on it since he grew up in that area around the time I am setting the book (the latter part of the 1950’s). So no cell phones, no social media, hell, there’s barely ANY media of any kind in this po’ dunk of a town! And there be wolves in dem thar hills!

The Celtic Take on Lycanthropy

The Celtic take on Lycanthropy

I wanted to play with the whole supernatural werewolf/shifter element in the m/m genre.

Now, to be clear, I still don’t fully ally myself with the m/m romance genre that so many of my author contemporaries write to. My books, from my perspective as they are created that way, are Gay Lit Fic across other sub-genres – in this case, supernatural. It has the gay element (which is why the whole Gay Lit thing is first). With my work, that is implied. It will generally always have a gay element to it. Why? Because there is a boat load of that other straight shit out there that they don’t need me reminding them of why they fall in love. Their romances do not intrigue me in the slightest. They are fully represented by the masses of authors who have to keep reminding that crowd of why they do what they do. Our side is still woefully under-represented. So yeah, totally on-board with the whole gay lit thing. It’s a given.

Anyway, I also wanted to do classic horror setup from the 1950’s. I am utterly fascinated with the 50’s in that it was an era of absolute dullness (nothing really went on). The social upheaval of the 60’s was still around the corner and down the road a piece. The frantic forties (what with the War occupying a great majority of it) are also of interest but in this case I wanted the horror classic feel of the 50’s in this book.


Straight from 'American Werewolf in London," right?

Straight from ‘American Werewolf in London,” right?


So yeah, wolves. In West Virginia, no less. It just sort of popped up in my head. I’ve never been to WVA. I have no knowledge of the area first hand BUT I do have it second hand (as I said my hubby was born in Wheeling, WVA). So yeah, I got that part covered AND from the same era as the book (hubby is a tad older than me).

I am working like hell to get the character sketches down. To flesh them all out. To make my bad boys be more, I dunno, wolf like. Wolf primed? Wolf  enabled? I gotta come up with something better than that when the contest begins (I have to keep reminding myself that I m not competing with anyone other than myself to get the job done). The contest is to complete a novel in 30 days with at least 50K words in the body of the book. I think I can do this.

So why the blog post?

Because I am on pins and needles about it all. About the whole crafting it by the seat of my pants. Yeah, I am pretty much a pantser (what writers call themselves when they write by the seat of their pants) when I write. I have a general frame work, I have fully formed characters (and I do mean formed when I say it). I also have a majority of the plot line fully formed in my head before I ever put a word down on digital bytes and bits. It’s all a matter of hammering it all out.


Love a boy in wolf's clothing, don't you?

Love a boy in wolf’s clothing, don’t you?


Alfred Hitchcock (an idol/hero of mine) often said that for him the fun of making his movies or telling his stories was in the planning of it. The rest was just busy work to get it all down. I sooooo, get that. Epically get it. Epically – to the nth degree – do I get it.

Hank O’Malley (my Omega – and if you don’t know what those are in Lycanthrope lore, you better do your homework like I have) is my protag. He’s an amazing character. I love him already. I can’t wait to throw him to the wolves of Sparrow’s Holler (so to speak).

NaNoWritMo – it’s just around the corner as the final days of October come to a close. November 1 is the date. I start writing my new opus then. It’ll be far shorter than my other works, but I can already see a path to writing a series on these boys. It’s an ensemble cast from many aspects, so yeah, it could definitely grow into a real series. Hell, it’ll probably be even gayer than that whole Teen Wolf thing on MTV.

Sort of a Happy Days cross with Teen Wolf – eh, no, wait. That isn’t what I was shooting for at all. Well, it’ll come together I am sure.

In 30 days.



Tic-toc, tic-toc, tic-toc…

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Dear Santa… my kind of seasonal song…

31 Days of Brannan – Day 19


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Today’s Playlist – Dear Santa (The Reindeer Jaymes Live Version)


Author’s Note: Lest you think that I am off my rocker for posting a Christmas song, here’s this gentle reminder – Christmas is literally just a little over 5 months away – YIKES!

Okay, so here’s the whole reason Jay’s a family thing at my house. And I mean that sincerely – from the hubby through our daughter and down to our granddaughter (yeah, I have one of those). In fact, depending on the day, it’s a battle to sort out who is the biggest Jay fan in the house – Keely (the granddaughter) or me. We vie for the title all the time. It’s sort of a thing we do.

The hubby got me the Deluxe Package from Jay’s site for my b-day. Keely was a little jelly over it so guess what, I’m getting her a T-Shirt and probably some other Jay items just so she doesn’t feel left out. This is sort of a big thing (not just because we’re sort of celebrating my B-day) but because it is officially Keely’s first real concert. She’s over the moon on it. We both are, really (see what I mean about the going back and forth on who is the bigger fan?).

So, Dear Santa, yeah, that was what sealed it for Keely. She’s sort of a darkly imbued soul – very Tim Burtonesque if you know what I mean. When she was little her imaginary friends were Dean the Monster and Ben the Werewolf. No typical child, she.

We once watched Frank Langella’s Dracula on AppleTV and she sat through the whole thing – she was four – and at the end there wasn’t any freak out over the horror elements in the story. No, she just thought it a very sad story. In her words, “He (Drac) just wanted someone to love him and they would let that lady do it.”

Yeah, that was her takeaway from Gothic Horror – it’s a sad romance thing.  So, Keely and Jay’s work – match made in the darkest parts of heaven. As a pre-teen (or tween) she is already cultivating that whole teen angst thing about no one understanding her (though she thinks I do). She already has it on her list that she MUST find a gay boy on campus when she gets to high school because her high school experience won’t be complete unless she has a GBFF. I’m good with that. She knows very well that gay boys have to be good at staying alive in a hostile world. She intends to garner some of that gaydar for herself. Way she figures it, if I made it through my high school with jocks and cheerbitches and the like, then this whole gay boy warning radar system might just work for her too. Besides, she can chat about boys with him and go out shopping. What more could a girl ask for?

But yeah, as with most tweens/teens, Keely is already going through that separation phase in her life. She’s keen to keep grandpa close though. Probably because I have accurately informed her and prophetically predicted events in her life before they happened. It wasn’t too hard. Her problems just aren’t that complex at this stage in life. When boys officially enter the picture, well, that will definitely up the ante a bit. I have an eye out for that point in time.

So, Dear Santa – Keely loves this song. It is number two on her fave Jay songs – nothing has usurped the number one spot (Death Waltz) though. That is the ultimate song on her playlist. The first one she memorized of Jay’s songs. Followed by Dear Santa. Whenever we’re in the car driving around, and Jay’s invariably on the stereo, I get Rob Me Blind and Denmark and she immediately hits up Death Waltz and Dear Santa – those are always the first four songs on the stereo whenever she and I hit the road. Sometimes her selections are first, sometimes mine. La La La is usually the follow-up just because we both love the change up in the musical interpretations in that song. When we can’t decide who gets to play their fave Jay songs first – then La La La wins by default.

I’m good with that – it’s a thing we do.

Here is yet another reason why I am indebted to Jay and his work. It’s helped keep me rooted to my granddaughter as she starts to enter her formative years. Years that I know won’t be easy. I’ve already been having the ‘talks’ about boys and what we go through in those wildly hormonally charged days. She already knows boys are nuts. I’ve convinced her of that. She can’t take them at their word when all their thinking about is sex. She isn’t ready to have that ‘talk’ yet. But she knows that boys go there. She gets that part of it. Way I figure it, between me and said GBFF in her not too distant future, I think we’ll get her through to the other side and her adulthood just fine.

So my Dear Santa wish list? I just want her on the other side of her tumultuous teen years, safe and sound and hopefully happy. But she’s a dark one – a darkling as I call her. So if not entirely happy, then at the very least – safe and sound.



The Always, Then & Now Tour…

Please check out his site with links for his upcoming shows. I am definitely a late comer to the Brannan bandwagon whenever he pulls through my city. But now that I am going this year, I am making it a goal never to miss when he swings through town. I hope you take advantage of the opportunity as well. Also be sure to check out his web store at the following link.

Jay's Website -
Jay’s Website –







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