Okay total sidebar posting – #9bucketsoffuckmecrazy <--- that's mine [NSFW]

[NSFW] – just so ya know…


So this twitter thing…

I am still getting used to it all. I mean, I get the tweeting, I get the engaging others and getting them to follow you. I get how it can be used as a marketing ploy. But I didn’t know how it all snapped together. I had pieces and was trying to figure out how to get it to ‘work’, ya know?


So enter Hawtie McHottie Tayte Hanson (from porn studio Cocky Boys/Cockyboys.com) where I commented – just because I was in a giggly mood and I happen to like Tayte Hanson on the CB site, I tweeted that I thought he was 9 buckets of fuck me crazy. Cause, well, he is.

And it clicked. I got a response! People started to retweet it. A light went on – I am a techie by nature so you’d think that I’d’ve figured this out sooner. Well, I guess I needed the right alignment of the stars or whatever, but it finally snapped. I get it now.

So thanks CockyBoys.com, Jake Jaxson and OF COURSE Tayte Hanson. ‘Cause you all are like #9bucketsoffuckmecrazy!

Now I know what to do… I’ll let the little grey cells work on it some more.

Who knew?

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