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31 Days of Brannan – Day 18


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Today’s Playlist – Soda Shop 


First off, I’ll take Jay’s video posts regardless of his level of dress or even undress. To my way of thinking: Jay can do whatever the hell he wants. No matter what it is. At the very least, I can be guaranteed that it’ll be entertaining in some way, shape or form. He hasn’t let me down yet.

I particularly like this entry because it’s a song that was hard to come by (he’s since corrected that by posting it to iTunes and the like). Also, I love the Toilet Studio rendition. The acoustics  are perfect to allow him to resonate beautifully for this song. Even down to the additional “orchestration” at the end. Brilliant fun, that.

It’s another story song – I am sure you’re beginning to see what the appeal is for Brannan’s work. But hey, I am good with that. He does story songs so beautifully. They’re melodic, hummable, toe-tapping (in this case) and emotive. But then again, Jay’s never been anything if not emotive. And i don’t mean that to be harsh. Everything he does is fairly slathered with it. But that’s a good thing (I think so, anyway).

Soda Shop is from the movie he also appeared in called Short Bus. I really liked the film and Brannan in it. As for the music posting I have in today’s blog, I like his little rant before he plays the song. I love it when an artist has some real conviction and, I dunno, -verve? -oomph?  ah, no, cajones. Yeah, that’s what that swagga is. I sorta love how he pushes back a little at his critics of his youtube postings. I like that he rails a bit against how the movie that he is quite literally proud of – and he has every right to be – was sidelined by IMDB because it didn’t fit into the norms of standard (mainstream) filmmaking.

Anyway, Jay’s already on the tour and living a life out of suitcases. I hope his houses are packed each night and that it proves to be a very lucrative (both monetarily and emotively) for him. From one artist to another – I wish him success with it all.




The Always, Then & Now Tour…

Please check out his site with links for his upcoming shows. I am definitely a late comer to the Brannan bandwagon whenever he pulls through my city. But now that I am going this year, I am making it a goal never to miss when he swings through town. I hope you take advantage of the opportunity as well. Also be sure to check out his web store at the following link.

Jay's Website - jaybrannan.com
Jay’s Website – jaybrannan.com







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