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Words and Errata

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Words and Errata


The works of SA Collins are for

The genre of his works are Gay Literature Fiction (across multiple sub-genres). Use of this site acknowledges that you do not find such material to be offensive and hold harmless any claim of offense upon SA Collins and Akwekon Media by viewing any of its contents contained herein.

Given the nature of the works, there will be some nudity involved where appropriate. This is an advisory notice that this site might not be safe for the workplace environment (NSFW). -- Just a heads up so no one can claim ignorance.

If you believe this material to be offensive, you are advised to exit this site now.

Be sure to check out my other blog site where I am writing my personal stories as a young gay boy growing up through the 60s to the present.
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Please consider listening to the podcast I co-host and co-produce celebrating queer storytelling across all mediums.
The Wrote Podcast - Written on the edge.

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NOTICE TO PHOTOGRAPHERS - While I use images I've found on the internet on my site to highlight the essence of what I want to convey, I am not a photographer but admire the work of others. I will comply with any request to remove an image from my site from a content owner immediately. But I offer to them the opportunity to highlight their work where I would provide links to my audience on how they can acquire the work for themselves. I would welcome a cross-promotional exchange that allows for their work to be highlighted and provide another venue for promotion. Contact me if you would like me to highlight your work and promote it as an alternative venue. - SA Collins

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Free read for my upcoming Cove Chronicles Episode One: Beware Mohawks Bearing Gifts is available from The Works section. You can find the link to the free read here.
It is an epic retelling of the Haudenosaunee creation myth coupled with the story of Spruce and Flint and the Peacemaker! But this time with a brilliant Sci-Fi twist. Science masquerading as magic with a queer hero at its core. Mohawks and Quantum Mechanics – what a match! Check it out …

"I speak to you now, the words and the voice of the people. Words that speak of our coming, our creation, and our enduring peace. These are the words of our fathers, our mothers, given to us since time immemorial. Hear now of the sacred warriors, the Tewakenonhnè, and learn what they tell us …"

All Haudenosaunee children grow up with the creation stories.

They are the fabric of who we are as a people. They learn from an early age about the fall of
Skywoman and how she started life here on Turtle Island, of her epic struggle to find a place to land, of seeding the plants and creating the beginnings of animal life that would populate the this new world.

Read More Here

[inspirational mock book cover - not final work as shown]

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Angels of Mercy Series

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Angels of Mercy is coming to the NineStar family!

Angels of Mercy – The Series has just been picked up by NineStar Press! So lovely to have my indie books picked up by a publisher. Beyond excited to see what they will make of the series in their new iterations.

What I’m Reading Now …

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What do Luke Skywalker, John McClane, and a lonely dog on Ho‘okipa Beach have in common?
Simply put, we care about them.
Great storytelling is making readers care about your characters, the choices they make, and what happens to them. It’s making your audience feel the tension and emotion of a situation right alongside your protagonist. And to tell a damn fine story, you need to understand why and how that caring happens.
Using a mix of personal stories, pop fiction examples, and traditional storytelling terms,
New York Times best-selling author Chuck Wendig will help you internalize the feel of powerful storytelling. In Damn Fine Story, you'll explore:

  • Freytag's Pyramid for visualizing story structure - and when to break away from traditional storytelling forms
  • Character relationships and interactions as the basis of every strong plot - no matter the form or genre
  • Rising and falling tension that pulls the audience through to the climax and conclusion of the story
  • Developing themes as a way to craft characters with depth

Whether you're writing a novel, screenplay, video game, comic, or even if you just like to tell stories to your friends and family over dinner, this funny and informative guide is chock-full of examples about the art and craft of storytelling - and how to write a damn fine story of your own.

What I'm Working on Now ...

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The Latest -

The WROTE Podcast! - Follow us on Stitcher, iTunes and GooglePlay where we celebrate queer content creators and their amazing works!

- Diary of a Quarterback Parts 1 and 2.

NEW FREE READ - On the blog: Mercy’s Little Angels. I’ve taken my cast of characters from Angels of Mercy and set them up in a Supernatural Vampire romp in the 1970s. Disco, witches and vampires - what could go wrong?
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New Sparrow’s Hollow Lycanthropic works in the making - get a quick read on the work in progress here.

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