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Introducing (well better late than never) Celine Jayon!

31 Days of Brannan – Day 25


Author’s Note: I lost my internet as I was writing this one up last night and didn’t get it back until the middle of the following day (like, today) when the damned cable guy showed up to fix it! Don’tcha just LOVE speedy customer service? (If you can’t smell the cynicism in that statement then you either aren’t paying attention OR you haven’t experienced the absolute blunder that is cable internet service).


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Today’s Playlist – CELINE JAYON! Singing an encore of “Pour Que Tu M’aimes”


So I am not going to go on with this post since I think it speaks well enough for itself. This is Jay riffing off of someone else’s work but in a way that is totally him, totally snarky, with a slightly reverential nod to the original, and wonderfully entertaining. This is a side of Jay that I love most. When he goes somewhere unexpected and takes us along for the ride.


So without further adieu, we have Celine Jayon gifting us with his/her take on a Celine classic (I particularly love the vocal embellishments that Jay emotes through out the performance). He’s bloody fucking brilliant when he pulls that funny bone out his ass and tickles the fuck out of us with it. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the metaphor I was really looking for (sorry Jay).




The Always, Then & Now Tour…

Please check out his site with links for his upcoming shows. I am definitely a late comer to the Brannan bandwagon whenever he pulls through my city. But now that I am going this year, I am making it a goal never to miss when he swings through town. I hope you take advantage of the opportunity as well. Also be sure to check out his web store at the following link.

Jay's Website -
Jay’s Website –







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